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Chinese Wok, Wood Handle 12''

Chinese Wok, Wood Handle 12''

Sagetra Brand
SKU: 693312
UPC: 6289711436108
I.C.: 1
M.C.: 12
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Chinese Wok, Wood Handle 12''

No other pan in your kitchen has the versatility of a good wok pan! Woks aren’t just for Asian cuisine anymore; the design of the wok pan is perfect for cooking a variety of dishes. Unlike a traditional skillet, which cooks from the bottom of the pan only, the wok features high steep sides that cook foods from all sides. As food is tossed around the pan, it is cooked extremely quickly and thoroughly due to the even heat distribution. There is no substitute for a good wok when you need to saute and serve in large quantities.

Diameter 12''
IC 1
MC 12

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