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6 Sided Box Grater Stainless Steel

6 Sided Box Grater Stainless Steel

Sagetra Brand
SKU: 707326
UPC: 628971067831
I.C.: 12
M.C.: 48
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This stainless steel box grater features 6 different shredding options for your vegetables, cheese, chocolate, nuts, citruses, and more. Whether you need to zest your oranges and lemons, slice your vegetables, or grate your cheese, you can be sure that the grater will do it all. As you grate your ingredients, the box design will contain your ingredients so they don't scatter all over your cutting board, reducing messes and cleanup. The robust handle gives you a comfortable grip that easily fits your hands.

The blades are razor sharp and cut without tearing or crushing the food, making them easier to cook. It's no wonder that chefs use the grater! 

Protective gloves recommended. Dishwasher safe. Made of stainless steel.


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